Land Freight

Land Freight
Central Freight Logistics & Shipping agent offers Land freight is imperatively important for countries with vast territories. Central Freight Logistics offers in-depth expertise in these remote locations and handles land freight shipments with ease and know-how.

Central Freight Logistics is able to arrange transportation by rail from any place of origin in Africa, Europe, China through the border stations where cargo is reloaded from Africa & European railcars to FSU railcars, as well as shipments in FSU railcars through the Baltic or Black Sea ports through to any destination. Central Freight Logistics in-house engineers are experts in developing lashing and securing designs for HL and OOG cargo on specialized railway land freight.

Central Freight Logistics engineers in cooperation with Railway Authorities keep the record in designing, lashing, securing and shipping the largest and the heaviest items in the world by rail.

Central Freight Logistics & Shipping Agents offers key features:

  • Competitive prices
  • Door-to-door forwarding services
  • Proof of delivery for all shipments
  • Customs Inspection & Exit proofs
  • Reliable transit times
  • Fleet with modern Equipment’s
  • High service quality & reliability